Visioning 2050 HK

In 2050. What role would Hong Kong play in the future? How would it allocate itself?

Frankly, it’s hard for me to forecast, as the world has shifted so much in the past two decades. But there are still traces I can deduce possible scenarios from.

Rewinding back to the mid of last century, Hong Kong was once a member of the Four Asian Dragons, in part driven by the role of being the financial centre of Asia Pacific, and the economic gateway to China. However, nowadays Hong Kong can no longer play such a role due to China lifting restrictions on trade, allowing its economy to progress rapidly, excluding Hong Kong in favour of direct economic and trade activities. Another advantage shrinking rapidly for Hong Kong, is the position of being China’s cultural upstream. Apart from economic factors, as the Chinese government attempts to infiltrate Hong Kong’s society have caused counteraction in Hong Kong, which widens the gap between the two populations.

Student strikes raised after 2014 has marked this turning point, posing questions such as, ‘Where is this city heading to?’, ‘Will it be marginalised?’, or ‘Will it find a new role inside or outside of China?’ The fate of this city is not only its own, but also as an indicator of future world progressions. These are questions for both Hong Kong citizens and the Chinese Government to bear, but it is also a turning point, a chance for possible breakthroughs.

For us within the creative fields, that leads to another question: ‘how would creativity help in this case?’ I have not come to a concrete solution yet, but I do hope this exhibition as well as my work, would present possibilities for Hong Kong to shape a more progressive future.


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