About One More Dimension

A glimpse of project XI's sketchbook.

A glimpse of project XI's sketchbook.

‘Dedicated to design and techno development.’

Founded after Jim Hu's graduation in 2015, One More Dimension’s vision is to introduce more possibilities to our society by engaging the relationship in between us and material, for this reason, reflective thoughts over our current situation and potentialities concealed inside an opus are regarded as priorities instead of trend, style or even aesthetic.

Mastermind: Jim Chen-Hsiang Hu 胡乘祥

  • 12 1988: Born in Taipei, Taiwan.
  • 09 2007 – 09 2010: Freelance graphic designer / illustrator
  • 06 2013 – 02 2014: Designer Assistant Intern in Kei Kagami Ltd.
  • 07 2015: Graduate from Central Saint Martin, BA womenswear as Lo’real Young Talent Award winner.


instagram / studio@onemoredimension.com

Last updated: 01/10/15